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Kuhn’s Heating & Air is proud to be staffed with the best air conditioning repair technicians in St. George, Utah. We have the experience, skills and qualifications to maintain, diagnose, and correct problems throughout any air conditioning system. Our trained professionals can correctly adjust system controls to recommended settings and test the performance of the entire system using our specialized tools and test equipment.

We want to make sure your system is up and running so that you and your family are well taken care of.

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Are You Having AC Problems? Here are the First Steps to Find out What’s Wrong!

This is what to do when your air conditioner stops working in the St. George heat:

  • Check for the AC thermostat’s proper setting, as most thermostats do not usually turn on the units immediately. Some even utilize the “2 or 3-degree temperature window” to gauge if the air conditioning system turn on or not. While at it, check if your AC thermostat is functioning properly as well.

Most electronic thermostats inside homes these days are run using battery power. However depending on the age of your unit, these instructions may not apply to older air conditioners. You do not have to change these batteries from time to time, yet doing so prior to checking out the indicator might help. Consider the electronic thermostat as an automatic switch that generally turns your AC on or off at different temperatures. Whenever the batteries are low, you can expect the switch to be a bit inaccurate when reading air temperature.

  • It also pays to inspect the filters of your AC thoroughly. Filters may look insignificant enough but whenever they are dirty they do not only block airflows, they will also damage your AC system if not replaced or cleaned in time. Air filters are tasked to capture both dirt and debris, which means they get dirty all the time. If the air is blocked your fans will have to work extra hard. This makes for burned out fan motors and expensive repair bills. You should care to wash your filters regularly, or change them as per manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Inspect both the fuses and circuit breakers of your AC system. A centralized air conditioning system has several fuses linked into the general electrical system. You can try resetting your central AC’s fuse inside your home’s electrical box; turn it off first before turning it on again. Whenever the main electric current directed to it is turned off, the switch should also automatically turn off. A third fuse system may have been positioned outside next to your AC unit, or inside the unit itself.
  • Look up your ACs reset buttons. Some of the newer models feature reset buttons that essentially function just like fuses.

These are just some of the things you need to know on what to do when your St. George air conditioner stops working. Wait for about 15 minutes and check if anything comes up. Note that some AC units are designed to power up after a predetermined time whenever the circuits have been tripped. Turn your circuit breaker off, wait for 15 minutes before turning it back on and AC itself. If your air conditioner does not start up,  you need to call a qualified air conditioner repair professional in St. George. Contact Kuhn’s Heating and Air and we’ll get right out to you to fix it!

If you feel that your home may not have an efficient system, we can advise and install a cost effective, energy efficient system.  This will save you money, and keep you and your loved ones, cool and relaxed all through the warmer months.  Our friendly customer service representatives at Kuhn’s are able to provide expert information regarding energy efficiency, daily running costs and long term maintenance costs when looking at any new cooling options.

At Kuhns, we listen to our customers, and providing expert services at affordable prices.  Our highly skilled employees will provide you with a no obligations, free estimate.  We pride ourselves on developing connections with people within the Utah community, and acknowledge that installing an air conditioning system is just the start of an ongoing relationship.

We have solutions for whatever you need, whether it is St. George air conditioning repair, emergency repairs, maintenance or a complete replacement (residential or commercial); Kuhns is all you need.  So give us a call now, for a no obligations, free estimate.  One of our friendly technicians will not be far away and you and your family will never need feel the heat again!

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